Team Development

The challenge to most organisations big or small is how to create an effective team. The benefits of Team Development is now considered so significant that many organisations invest in it as it is an important strategy for the enhancement of performance, retention of valued staff and reduced absenteeism.

The wide range of teamwork activities used in the process of developing teams, have the specialised focus to bring out the best in a team to enable:

  • individual  development
  • positive communication
  • leadership skills
  • effective  problem solve
  • leverage diversity
  • collaboration with team members
  • organisation alignment
  • team spirit

Most teams can benefit from Team Development even if they are high functioning and achieving. For example, established teams can enhance performance by re-examining and establishing new roles; doing something practical and fun to create a common story; or supporting changes in the team through developing new ways of working. New teams can benefit from team development to support their success through developing vision and values and learning about each other.

Centric Coaching Plus tailors all team development courses to suit your requirements. Workshops can be stand alone or part of a long range programme of team development that we can design for the outcome you want to achieve. The following is included in each course

  • Pre course work (if appropriate)
  • Comprehensive handouts
  • Follow up email support if required  on the subjects covered

Courses can also be supported by one on one coaching, and team coaching. Also additional follow up content or course reviewing and action planning may also be recommended

Some of the session topics:

  • The Z method of decision making – leveraging personality types for effective decision making that will work for team
  • Teaming – What you need to know about what makes teams work including team dynamics and strategies to move from forming to interdependence
  • Creating a common Vision – ways to help your team develop a common direction and course to follow
  • Effective Communication – identify different communication styles and strategies to eliminate conflict
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Team Dynamics – You can maximize your team development training using the MBTI has a tool for understanding the how team members prefer to communicate, make decisions, and work styles.

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“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money you want without becoming good at”   – Brian Tracy